(English) Game design contest finalizes. Come and vote on your favorite!

I started a design contest for abstract strategy games on the forum rec.games.abstract.  It’s currently in it’s final stages.

Abstract strategy boardgames are games such as Chess, Go, Hex, Connect 4, etc…  These are some old classic ones.  What’s great is that there are many new abstract games which are amazing such as Amazons, Akron, Twixt, project Gipf, Oust, Lines of action, etc, etc…

This contest selected the theme „inspired by a stacking mechanism“.  This means that all games involved include some aspect of stacking in them.  We have 8 entries from some of the top minds in abstract game design as well as a few from promising newbs to the genre.

All that’s left to do now is to get a handful of people to play all 8 games and, according to some rules I’ll specify later, judge which ones they like best!

This is where you come in!  I’ll be hosting 2 workshops at the Spielwiese where people can play the games and make their votes.  This all starts tomorrow, Monday March 7th and will continue on Monday March 14th.  Both workshops will start at 6pm.  My hope is that, in addition to getting more voters, people take this opportunity to look into the world of modern abstracts and leave with some new and interesting games to enjoy!

The link below will take you to a page with links to rules for each game and a website where you can download and try every game thanks to programming efforts of Greg Schmidt.


It’s recommended, but definitely not required to familiarize yourself with the rules of each game before the workshops.

I hope to see you there!  Remember you can only vote if you play all the games, but don’t fret.  You’re more than welcome to come to the workshops and give one or a few a try if you’re curious!

Daniel Shultz

Spielwiese team