Store & Café

Some collectors have already found a gaming gem which can’t be found in ordinary game stores. Our merchandise is regularly updated with the best new releases after the Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair in Nürnberg in early Spring and the SPIEL in Essen in Fall. Beside games from renowned publishers, you will also find imported games as well as some from smaller publishers in Berlin. We also have a smaller selection of second-hand games for sale. Due to lack of resources, we unfortunately cannot provide a list of all available games online. If you are looking for a specific game, feel free to send us an email or call. We will be happy to check if we have it in stock or under which conditions we can order it for you. It is possible for us to send ordered games within Germany if they are paid for in advance, but then there will be an additional cost for shipping and handling. Every game available for rent, can also be played in the cafe. Fans of Settlers of Catan also have the chance to play the official 3D version here. At the Spielwiese cafe, you can make your gaming experience even nicer with a selection of beverages and treats: delicious coffee, tea, beer, wine, juice, soft drinks, toasted sandwiches, snacks and sweets. Many are even available in natural organic quality. You can play every day as indicated by our opening hours except Wednesday, because then we are closed. There is a small fee per person and visit. Be our guest and play as many different games as you like. Adults pay 1,50 € per hour, whereby the first hour is charged with 4,00 €, in which however then your first drink is already included. Children pay 1,00 €/h, or 3,50 € for the first hour. Due to our very limited selection of games for small children, kids under 3 are free.

It is not permitted to bring your own food and drink. Spielwiese makes ends meet from food and drink sales and we would have to raise the daily gaming fee drastically to compensate if we were to allow visitors to bring their own. There is, however, an exception: if you would like to celebrate your birthday here, we would, of course, allow you to bring in your own birthday cake. In this case, certainly make your reservation plenty of time in advance.

Credit Cards

Of course we accept credit cards. But keep in mind that your bill has to be over 10 € to be able to pay with your card. Every transaction costs us. Our prices are so low that you might feel some tension in the air when you try to pay your 3 € with your card.