We currently offer more than 1800 games for rent of many kinds: strategy, card, dice, brain teasers, trivia, party, family and for kids). You would also find our large games interesting like Carrom (indian finger billiards), Weykick (soccer game with magnets under the table) and Tipp-Kick (tabletop soccer simulation). Next to classics like Monopoly, Scrabble and Risk, you will also find the prize-winning games of the last 20 years as well as unusual pieces for enthusiasts like Civilization, Junta, Talisman and Robo Rally. For renting games to take home you pay a fee per game and day. The prices are for overnight until the next evening. The maximum rental time is 14 days.

Price per Day:
Kid’s games/Preschool games (up to 6 years): 1,00 €
All other games: 3,00 €

To rent games to take out of the Spielwiese, you will need a membership card, which you can get for free. Don’t forget on your first visit to bring along your EU identity card or passport including proof of residence (Meldebestätigung), otherwise you will have to provide a deposit of the value of a new game/replacement of the same type, so you can take the game home.